Miles Woodroffe

I'm Miles. CTO, Software Engineer and Advisor.

I help entrepreneurs, startups and scale-ups build and deliver modern software products, services and teams.

As Global CTO at Cookpad, I led technology for the Global Platform from zero to 50 million users, internationalising to 30 languages, and built an engineering organisation from the ground up to 80 engineers. I made the first commit to the majestic Rails monolith, and thousands more thereafter, all which still power the world's largest recipe social network.

As CTO, I lead organisations, set technical strategy and direction, and make the key decisions to deliver world class products and services.
  • Defining technical strategy
  • Technology selection
  • Architecture / Scaling
  • Hiring the best engineers
I enjoy sharing my hard earned lessons learned over 20 years to help new leaders grow and scale their own skills and teams.
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Increase confidence
  • Unlock team building
  • Recruit and retain the best
Technical Advisor
I thrive on technical challenges and identifying solutions and strategies to enable teams to build and deliver great products.
  • Ruby on Rails at Scale
  • Development best practices
  • Product engineering
  • Internationalisation

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Eric Peacock

Eric Peacock

GM, Insider Pages

via: Linkedin

Miles inspires and leads by example. He has a keen knack for identifying and removing the hurdles that might get in his team's way - and in doing so, he helps every member of the team be more successful. A great CTO is not only someone who can build, hire and inspire an excellent technology team, but also someone who deeply understands the drivers of the business. Miles understood the business as well as I did and never took his eye off of profitably growing the business. You can count on him to be a thought partner who thinks about a lot more than just technology and a great human being who is a pleasure to be around.

Rimpei Iwata

Rimpei Iwata

CEO, Cookpad

Miles consistently demonstrated a profound understanding of technology and its strategic applications in driving business growth. Notably, Miles was instrumental in executing Cookpad's global vision. Under his technical leadership, the platform grew from 0 to 50M+ monthly users globally, in 30 languages. I have no hesitation in endorsing his work at Cookpad and am immensely grateful for his contributions over the years.

Dan Martel

Dan Martel

Founder & CEO, SaaS Academy

via: Clarity

Miles is super nice and smart! Highly recommend a call with him.