1500cals in the iOS App Store!

1500cals is now in the iOS App Store!

Quick Announcement: I’m thrilled to announce that just in time for those New Years resolutions, 1500cals passed certification with Apple first time, and is now available to all for FREE in the iOS App Store!

Check it our and download it here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/1500cals/id6470238113

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I started building this just for myself to solve the annoyances I had with other calorie counting weight loss apps on my journey to lose 50kg last year. As I mentioned previously:

The main “trick” I uncovered is simply to plan meals ahead. It sounds boring, it sounds annoying, but really its such a tiny effort for such outsized and life changing rewards, that it should be a no-brainer.

It was also a great opportunity to have some fun with Rails 7 and the advances with the Turbo Native framework.

I didn’t expect it to work so well for me, and I really wanted to share this with others, which is how we got here!

Do let me know if you try it out, have ideas or problems, or any feedback at all. It is a bit of a pain honestly to add 6 or 7 meals or recipes you love to get started - and I want to make that much easier in future releases - but trust me, that small bit of effort up front will pay dividends. Remember, I lost 50kg with this strategy!

I’m really excited to imagine if I can help even just one other person along their journey of getting healthy in the same way I did myself, so do let me know! Happy to give some tips, ideas, help with recipes or just cheer you on. You can find all my contact details here

App Store Listing

This is my first iOS App so want to share how it looks in the app store :D

1500cals in the iOS App Store