One Year, 32 Posts

One Year!

I just realised, after setting up this personal site with the idea to write some articles, a year has passed already and 32 posts published! It’s not something I’ve done a lot in the past, other than mostly write ups of events I had hosted or attended for Cookpad over at

So, having written a couple of posts in January 23, and not shared them at all, I set myself a goal last April to write and publish one article every two weeks. I had these two unpublished posts already, and a few ideas I knew I wanted to cover but really didn’t think much further than that.

I started writing mostly about the app I built to track my calories and exercise, and after tentatively sharing them, a few really got some great feedback and questions via twitter, linkedin and email. This was a real surprise! And really motivating.

Turbo Native was just starting to mature and it coincided perfectly with my desire to connect my meal planning app to Apple Health, and really just writing up how-to articles for my own benefit and reference was the plan but they also seemed to resonate. Even to the point of getting a call out from DHH at Rails World 2023 in Amsterdam in his keynote, and some mentions on podcasts and ruby newsletters.

Since then I’ve really followed this pattern of exploring new Rails-related tech and tools that I want to incorporate into my personal projects, and then doing a detailed write up on this blog.

It really is a win-win as I’ve referred back to my own articled many times when starting a new app or helping someone else, and have also had numerous conversations and emails of thanks.

In short, I’m really surprised how much I’ve enjoyed this self-enforced bit of pressure to write every two weeks. This week feels like a bit of a cop out, but this was on my mind.

If like me you don’t feel you have much to say or anyone be interested, give it a go! I’ve surprised myself thats for sure.

As always, don’t hesitate to drop me a note via twitter or any other channels listed here

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